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  1. When It's Over
  2. Behind the Lines - Lo-Fi Track
  3. The One Takers
  4. Once
  5. White Convertible
  6. Your Greatest

  7. CAL
  8. No Guarantees
9. One Way or Another

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Recorded between 2000 and 2012 in Vancouver, Connecticut, and Seattle with friends from Moscow, Toronto and the U.S.

Ginzburg - Hammond Organ on Achievement
Andrew Jackson - Vocals on One Way or Another
Dnash - Vocals on Behind the Lines, Once and drums on Your Greatest Achievement

Started on a Tascam 4 track and completed in Cubase on a 2004 Dell Pentium M60 laptop running Windows XP. Started with the M-Audio Duo finished with the firewire M-Audio ProFire 610.

Mastered at Suite Sound Labs by Mathew Grace.

Cover art The Pilgrimage of Defacement by Maurice Spira.


1983 Mann Mahogany Acoustic
1986 Kramer Pacer
2008 Taylor 710
1999 Epiphone Double Neck
1987 Les Paul Copy
2001 Simon and Patrick 12 string acoustic
1996 Purple Spectre bass
2006 Yamaha Acoustic Bass
1999 Gibson Howard Roberts


1982 Hi-Watt
1986 Mesa Boogie Studio Pre-Amp (sometimes direct)
1986 Mesa Boogie 50/50 Power Amp
1982 Marshall JCM 800 4x12 Cabinet w/Celestion Greenbacks

All songs written by Popek.

More to come...

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Updated February 13th, 2014