1. Highest Height
  2. Lies
  3. Fly Away to the Sky
  4. For All this Time
  5. More than the Sun
  6. Unconditional
  7. Miracle of Sound
  8. Childhood
  9. In My Mind
  10. Highest Height (Remix)
  11. Feel this Too
  12. Crazy Fuckin' Bitch


Oleg Ginzburg has been on a relentless pursuit to bring his inspired music to North America for many years. Born and trained from an early age in Russia, Ginz has become an in demand studio musician on the other side of the pond since 1998. An ultra positive collaborator, Ginz brings an easy going but focused work ethic to the studio where he has the ability to deliver almost any mood the producer calls upon.

Ginz has deep roots at once in the prog tradition of Pink Floyd, Yes and Genesis while cross pollinating his love of European techno and the polished pop of artists such as Madonna and Depeche Mode.

Ginz has played off broadway with the concept band EDEN'S GATE and also many of the legendary venues in Hollywood such as The House Of Blues, The Key Club, The Roxy and The Joint with THE KINGS OF THE WILD FRONTIER. Currently, Oleg is working with LE REVERIE which just won the Los Angeles Music Awards for Breakout Single of the Year.

Highest Height
Sirius 2008

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Updated February 13th, 2014